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Martina Skala

Martina Skala

was born and raised in Prague, Czech republic. After graduating from the Hollar's School of Graphic Arts she obtained a Master's Degree in History at Charles University and also studied Set Design at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Prague.


Ms.Skala worked as a Set Decorator and Art Director in the film industry in Paris, France for several years, before moving to California, where she now resides.


Martina Skala is represented by Calabi gallery in Santa Rosa, Sonoma county.

 Winged Rock 18 x 14.jpg




On my birthday, a few years ago, I took a journey into a dry land carved out of red rocks, buttes and spires. A sand storm unexpectedly arose at the horizon’s edge and quickly wrapped the entire landscape in a yellow dust…it was the most magical sight I had ever seen. My deep connection with Monument valley was born. 


I fell in love with this unpredictable and striking scenery, so alive in its unexpected passions, mood swings, silences. The soul of this land is ever changing, every wind burst, sunrise, dust storm, and sunset inspiring awe.

 I’ve witnessed the inner life of its monumental rocks and felt the spirit of this land carved in the silence of dusk. The mysteries of life seem almost revealed in the constantly changing light which predicts the mood of the valley. I feel graced to live for a brief time every year amongst Navajo community in their natural settings, and witness the ancient traditions and culture they keep mostly private.


Through my work, I am chasing the soul and magic of this powerful place where time stands still, the eagle is the deity and light is the language.

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